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True North GSD Rescue

Volunteer and donation based, woman-owned, and local to the Pacific Northwest. Serving Washington, Oregon and California (other states may be considered on a case by case basis).

Get Involved

Save a German Shepherd

Adopting a German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs have a noble and commanding look. They are highly intelligent, loyal and beautiful dogs who require socialization and exercise. They are a lifetime commitment.

They live between 9-13 years on average and respond well to training. GSD’s can be very good family dogs. Most love water, and they should be brushed 2-5 times a week!

If you are interested in adopting a German Shepherd dog, please visit our application page and review the adoption process.

Fostering & Volunteering

To become a foster or volunteer in our rescue, visit the Applications page and fill out an application. We are always looking for new members to join the True North GSD Rescue to support our mission and help dogs find their forever homes. 

Ways to Donate


All donations are used in rescuing and caring for the dogs we save. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.




Rescuing Pets

We recommend that you do not buy or sell animals on social media sites. For the safety of the animal, find a reputable rescue to assist you.

Animal Licensing

Getting or renewing a dog license is a yearly requirement in many cities in the United States. Your dog’s license tag  can help reunite lost dogs with their owners. Adding a tag with your contact information can also assist this process.

Finding Pets a Home

We are their safe haven. Our team will find the best suited homes for the pups we place. Our goal is to provide each dog a permanent, safe and loving home that they will be well taken care of for the rest of their lives.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering helps reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals in our communities which ultimately saves many helpless animals from being abandoned, tortured and left in shelters. 

Pet Adoption Notes

Adoption vs. Buying

When you rescue a dog, you are saving two lives. You are saving the life of the dog that you decide to adopt and a dog that needs that space in the shelter or rescue by opening up one of the occupied kennels. Also, when you are buying pets, many times you are supporting the cruel puppy mills. Getting a rescue dog makes a huge difference, in your life and theirs!

How to Find the Perfect Pet for You

There is a lot to consider when adding a German Shepherd Dog to your household. More importantly, are you willing to walk the dog daily, brush them 2-5 times a week, spend the time training them? Are you willing to commit to the financial responsibilities?

Adding a German Shepherd Dog to your household can be very fun and rewarding for everyone. They are loyal, smart and enjoy spending time with you outside.

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