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About Us

We are  a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run 100% by donations and volunteers who are brought together by their love and respect for German shepherds. We are all dedicated to the rescue and placement of German Shepherd Dogs in need. Our goal is to find and place every dog into a supportive and loving permanent home.

Rescue is not just about taking dogs and finding homes. It is about doing the right thing, for the dog – for the human. It’s about listening to your heart and following cold trails of information.    It’s about doing the right thing, always.

If you are interested in getting involved in our rescue by becoming a volunteer or foster, please visit the Applications page. We look forward to meeting you!


What Drives Us

Our Mission

True North is dedicated to providing rescue and assistance to German Shepherd Dogs in need who meet our placement criteria. We are committed to finding permanent, loving homes for these unique and special dogs.

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Save a Life


How long does it take to get a dog?

Once your application is received, our team of volunteers will review and approve it for potential adoption. We then schedule a home visit with all family or others living with the dog (virtual or in-person) to ensure our adoption requirements have been met. If you are a good fit for one of our dogs, we finally schedule a meet-and-greet to see the dog’s interaction with you before the adoption is finalized.

Where do you get your dogs?

Our dogs come from a variety of places, including shelters and owner surrenders. Many of the dogs come from shelters but sometimes they are surrendered by owners for various reasons. All of our rescue dogs are temperamentally assessed based on our placement criteria. Only dogs that meet this criteria are accepted into True North GSD Rescue.

Additionally, they will be micro chipped, have required vaccinations and will be spay/neutered, if they are 2 years old, prior to being permanently placed. We will also ensure each pup is noted for any physical challenges. All will be completed prior to placing the dogs into their permanent homes to ensure the best fit for you and our rescue dogs.

How do I adopt a dog?

Please visit Applications to review the process and submit an application. If you have additional questions, please contact us!

If I already have a dog(s), can I still adopt?

Part of the home visit will be an opportunity to meet household and pet members. If you already have a dog, once you have been approved to adopt and identified a potential dog to adopt, we would require a meet and greet with the dog(s) in your home to ensure they will be a good fit.

Can i adopt a puppy?

Yes, you can! Please be aware that for puppy adoptions we get hundreds of applications. Therefore, we start with the first 50 applications to ensure we find the best permanent home.