Happy Tails!

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Happy Tails!

Once one of our dogs has been adopted, we give them a few weeks to settle in and get comfortable. The fosters keep in touch with the new family to ensure we can support them and their new family member throughout this transition. It is important that everyone is settling in and are happy. True North GSD Rescue family is a lifetime resource for our adopters and we even pup-sit sometimes!

We take tremendous pride in our dogs’ stories and the adoption process. We ensure that each and every home is safe, a great fit and we stay in touch with our adopted dogs and their families for a lifetime. Our rescue is a resource for all of our adopter families and we always want to be there for them to ensure a happy and successful adoption process. We love receiving updates and pictures!  Here are some of the stories of the dogs that we’ve rescued:


We were delighted to welcome Hudson into the rescue! He is a 4 1/2 month old puppy that is just beautiful, very sweet and ready to play and have fun. This sweet puppy is absolutely gorgeous, very intelligent and very soft-hearted. His foster pawents started working with him to explore the outside world a little more to be ready for his new life. Congrats on your new home!


This adorable puppy is a sweetheart! Luna is an absolutely beautiful German Shepherd puppy who is very intelligent and confident. This young beauty is going to be an amazing companion as she loves being with her people, is very sweet, playful and enjoys being active. She was adopted by a wonderful family and loves her human siblings!


Siggi came to us along with his brother, Cypress. He is soft-hearted, sweet and lovable all around. From the beginning, he is a fond cuddler and enjoys exploring the back yard as much as relaxing alongside you. Siggi found his forever home and will always be near and dear to our heart. We look forward to hearing of his adventures in the years to come!


Cypress is a happy-go-lucky puppy, always looking for new ways to experience the world around him and learn something new. He is always an incredibly sweet little boy who loves everyone. His favorite things to do were chase his foster brothers’ tails and explore new parts of the yard. Cypress found his home and we cannot wait to know what amazing things he does in his life!


Trooper was welcomed into our foster care when he was 11 months old. He was shy, timid and scared when we first got him, but within a month he had blossomed into an incredibly confident, strong and loyal companion. Trooper is one of our rescue’s foster failures, and he will definitely be a key member of our rescue family in years to come with his natural kindness for others and for other dogs.


When we accepted Casper as a surrender, we had no idea how amazing, sweet and kind he was going to be. He quickly came out of his shell, showing his true colors and incredibly goofy self. He definitely had a profound impact on our fosters and everyone else he met!

He now lives an incredibly happy and fulfilling life with an older brother. They became best friends almost immediately. We’re so excited for Casper and cannot wait to hear more of his adventures down the road!



Olivia was adopted by an amazing family who will love and care for her forever. We are very grateful for her forever family as she is one of the dogs that remain so sweet and loving despite what life has put them through.

Olivia reminds us that rescue is not just about taking dogs and finding homes; rescue is about doing the right thing, listening to your heart and uncovering forgotten stories to help shine a light on a happy soul. 


Theo was one of our rescue’s foster failures. He embodies the epitome of what German Shepherds are: smart, loyal and goofy. Every day he brings smiles to everyone’s faces that he encounters and sheds a little light on the world around him (and a little fur). He meets every day with confidence and positivity. He has a big heart, a bigger appetite and will be a role model for fosters to come.


Journey was our rescue’s first foster failure. Journey’s transformation from when he came to us has been nothing short of extraordinary. He is so playful, genuine and intelligent, only needing some guidance and a loving home. Journey loves all of the other fosters he gets to play with and is always excited to help with the rescue!


Stella will forever have a special place in our heart as a rescue. She’s had her trials and tribulations and is finally set to live a happy and fulfilling life in a loving home.

She has grown up before our very own eyes and filled into her sparky personality. Throughout puppyhood, she remains the same bold and adventurous pup she’s always been. We can’t wait to see her all grown up in her new home!


Aldo is an extremely sweet 8 year old whose family had to rehome. This pup is very gentle, well mannered and was looking for the perfect family. That family came into his life! He was adopted by a wonderful family and now has a brother whom he enjoys. This lucky pup will live his best life with his pawrent that is retired and spends time gardening, training and playing with him.

We are all very excited for Aldo!


Brodie is a 10 month old puppy who is incredibly sweet and kind. He is very happy to have a second shot at life with a loving and comforting foster home and he will have two foster brothers! He enjoys chasing after toys in the back yard and playing with the hose!

He is currently learning basic commands while settling in with his new foster family. Brodie was very excited to receive new toys and he especially loves his dinosaur. He is very well mannered, crate trained and is an all-around joy to have around the house!

This very sweet puppy is looking for a patient, fun new family who is GSD experienced that will be his furever home.



June is 5 1/2 years old, and was breeding puppies. She is an absolute sweet heart and so intelligent, calm and such a beauty! Now enjoying retirement, she is incredibly gentle, kind and sweet and loves to be petted. She’s a survivor nonetheless and has a story to tell, but is looking for a safe and comfortable environment to call her forever home. June is an absolutely beautiful pure bred German Shepherd that is a perfect example of the breed.

This young beauty is an amazing companion as she loves being with her people. She is very sweet and enjoys being active and is ready for new adventures! June got the lucky ticket and was adopted by an amazing family who have other GSD’s who are equally as sweet. She will enjoy her new life exploring and sharing her time with her loving family and siblings. We are all so very happy for her!


Harper is an almost 2 years old female who was an owner surrender and looking for a safe place. We took her in and although she did not stay with us long before she went to her forever placement, we all fell in love with her. She is just amazing.

She is a beauty, loves her ball and found that she enjoys chewing bones and the stuffed toy ducks. She also received a spa day before she left which included a nice manicure and lots of treats! 

Partnerships & Reunifications 

 Sometimes we are called upon by other rescues, families, pet organizations and anything in between to help in any way we can. We are proud to make an impact on other dogs lives that wouldn’t have otherwise found their to our rescue. We help these dogs in a variety of ways, including matching potential adopters/fosters, providing funding for medical care and other expenses, as well as arranging transport if needed to get them somewhere safe and comfortable. Here are some of the stories of the dogs we’ve helped:


We have developed several partnerships with local rescues and businesses since we started our rescue in 2018. We are extremely appreciative of those partnerships because they led us to Greta, searching for a family. We took her into our care through another rescue and finally found her a forever home!


Dieter was transported by us to the breeder who helped facilitate the adoption. He was a sweet pup who enjoyed being active. Dieter is one of the pups that we have the joy of helping through referrals and partnerships with reputable people and other organizations.


Nia is a young, beautiful, very distinctive female. She is super smart and loves to chase balls and play outside especially with other dogs! She also loves riding in the car. We found Nia being sold on a social media site and we rescued her. She really enjoys love and affection and playing with other dogs. We worked with another local rescue to place her into a wonderful permanent home where she is thriving and has a best friend.


Aldo needed support with transport to his owner who was in the service and had to be relocated. We assisted with funding to reunite her and Aldo.


Save a Life


How long does it take to get a dog?
Once your application is received and approved, we like to have the home visit completed within two weeks. This is a very important part of the process and we would like to have everyone who will be living with the dog present.
Where do you get your dogs?
Many of the dogs come from shelters but sometimes they are surrendered by owners for various reasons. All of our rescue dogs are temperamentally assessed based on our placement criteria. Only dogs that meet this criteria are accepted into True North GSD Rescue.

Additionally, they will be micro chipped, have the required vaccinations and will be spay/neutered prior to being permanently placed. We will also ensure each pup is noted for any physical challenges. All will be completed prior to placing the dogs into their permanent homes to ensure the best fit for you and our rescue dogs.

How do I adopt a dog?
Please visit the application page and click ” Application Process” to review the application process. If you have additional questions, please contact us!
If I already have a dog(s), can I adopt?
Part of the home visit will be an opportunity to meet household and pet members. If you already have a dog, once you have been approved to adopt and identified a potential dog to adopt, we would require a meet and greet with the dog(s) in your home to ensure they will make good companions.
Can i adopt a puppy?
We receive an amazing amount of applications for puppies. Sometimes we receive hundreds therefore, we will review the first 50 applications to ensure we find the best permanent home.