Happy Tails: Adoption Success Stories

We take immense pride in finding permanent, best-fit homes for all of our adopted German Sheherds in Washington, Oregon and California. When a new pup is placed, we not only give them a few weeks to settle in and get comfortable, but also give them support through our extensive resources and contact with the original foster. We stay in touch with adopters for the lifetime of their pup, receiving pictures and updates year-round. We even occasionally petsit for them! 

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Meet Duke, our exceptionally handsome 5-month-old puppy! Duke is brimming with confidence and has a fun, happy nature. He loves adventures, whether it’s car rides, walks, or playing and learning with his foster parents. Duke easily settles when it’s time to relax.

This intelligent puppy is always ready to explore and have fun! Duke effortlessly meets new people and pups, and he’s enthusiastic about learning new games and discovering new places. Congrats to Duke, now Harlan, for finding the best dad!



We wished for the best family for Zena, our sweet and gentle 2 1/2-year-old purebred German Shepherd, and that is exactly what she received! She now enjoys life with a wonderful family, a playful pup sibling, a fun pup cousin, and a loving extended family.

She’s playful, happy, and always has a smile to share. Zena loves going on walks, hiking and other adventures, even if it means playing in the mud! Well-mannered and obedient, she’s excited to join you in any activity. Congratulations you very sweet girl!


Meet Nova, our petite and beautiful 6-month-old purebred German Shepherd puppy! Nova is confident, loves to explore, and adores people. She enjoys meeting new people and playing with her foster brothers. This little gem is courageous, intelligent, and incredibly sweet. Her favorite toys include her lamb chop and Nylabones.

Nova is very smart and will make an amazing companion and lifelong friend. She is destined to be a gorgeous pup, taking after her stunning parents. With excellent engagement, Nova gets along well with other pups and is always a very happy puppy! She joined an amazing family with new human siblings and a pup brother who adores her! Congratulations Super Nova!


Stella, also known as Tiny Stella, is a gentle beauty who is playful and brave. She always has a smile on her face and is excited to meet new people, play with her siblings and her foster sister who shares her name. She is fun, willing to try new things and enjoys a good cuddle. Water, she loves swimming in her puppy pool and taking long walks on the beach. This gentle girl enjoys meeting people and plays well with everyone. Her favorite toys are all that are in the toy box! She will be an amazing companion and a lifelong best friend to her new family. Congratulations you very sweet girl!!


Zeke is a very handsome puppy that inherited his dad’s soulful eyes and calm nature. He is intelligent and a perfect combination of mellow and sweet. Zeke enjoys playing with his squeaky toys and chasing after them when they are tossed for him.

He also likes playing with his older GSD foster brother, getting to know his feline foster sister, and running and playing outside. Zeke is a very affectionate and enjoys cuddling up with his foster parents. He found the very best family!


Otto, also known as Otto-Pop, is the happiest soul who is fun, intelligent, confident and social. He is everyone’s friend! This dashing puppy is excited to meet new people too. Play, he is always up for that and will bring new toys to the game. Doesn’t matter who you are, he is your friend and will offer a toy.

He enjoys learning games, playing chase outside with his siblings and snuggling with his foster parents. This happy puppy is a social butterfly who is intelligent, confident, and loving. His new family are previous adopter’s and so exited, he will have a wonderful loving life with them. Congratulations to sweet Otto!


This petite princess exudes a delightful mix of love, confidence, and joy! She’s the first of the litter to find her forever home with one of our foster families, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

With her intelligence, gentle disposition, and undeniable charm, she captivates everyone she meets. Sacha is enjoying her new home and all of the fun and exciting adventures they are experiencing!

Congratulations Sacha, you sweet little girl and to your new family!


A delightful 3-year-old pup, has recently become part of our rescue family. Under the guidance of an excellent trainer, she has mastered her basic commands and is now prepare to meet her new family.

She is intelligent, sweet-natured and even more beautiful in person, she is stunning! Hanna enjoys catching balls, playing with tugs, and meeting new people. This affectionate pup a very sweet and fun pup. Congratulations to you and your new family!


Sweet Ava is an a really beautiful 11 month old pup looking for her forever home! She is an owner-surrender due to medical reasons and is an all-around phenomenal dog who loves people.
Ava loves a good game of fetch as much as a sweet snuggle in loving arms. She will surely make one lucky family very happy with her kindness, intelligence, and dashing good looks!

Congratulations to Ava and her new family!


Zeus was enjoying his new life. But, he unfortunately made his way back to our rescue following a recent tragic family event, his owner suddenly passed away.
Zeus is an extremely handsome and intelligent pup who is 2 1/2 years old. He is a calm, patient and loveable and very agile. He draws you in with his sultry eyes and gentle nature. He met his new family who fell immediately in love with him. He has a wonderful pup sister and will enjoy his new life!  Congratulations sweet boy!


At seven months old, Farah is a spectacular beauty. This confident and intelligent female exudes love, playfulness, and a fondness for exploring. Farrah delights in playing with her little stuffed lamb and tug, and she particularly enjoys swimming and engaging with toys.

Her social nature shines as she meets people, dogs, and explores new places. In her foster home, Farrah is having a blast playing with her foster siblings, demonstrating excellent people greeting skills, sitting before meals, and when exiting her crate.

This smart girl is destined to be an amazing companion, whether you’re hiking, running, or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a book—Farrah will be right by your side. She found the perfect family and they love her!


This adorable 10-week-old puppy, found her way to the rescue after being left alone in a field. Confident, intelligent, and incredibly playful, she has quickly become a delightful addition. In her brief time here, Zuri has mastered the art of playing with her ball, making lots of new friend’s (both human and furry), and practicing to sit before eating before her meal.

Zuri is exceptionally perceptive of her surroundings, meets people and pups with her sweet charm. She revels in the typical puppy joys of playing, eating, and sleeping. With these endearing qualities, there’s no doubt that Zuri is poised to become an excellent and cherished lifelong companion. This little puppy found the perfect family with a brother and sister, and a few chickens!


A gentle one-year-old, Maverick recently celebrated his birthday after overcoming a challenging start in life. This amazingly sweet puppy joyfully engages with everyone. He loves to swim, train and learn new things. He is a master at puzzles!, Maverick also enjoys relaxing by the puppy pool with his foster mom.

While initially adopted by a wonderful family, unforeseen medical emergencies led to Maverick’s return to our rescue. We wish the best for his previous family and are now seeking a new, loving home for Maverick. Confident, gentle, patient, and sweet.

This pup was lucky twice. His new family are so excited to welcome him into their family and love him so much! Congratulations to Maverick and your new pack!


Mia, a petite 7-month-old German Shepherd with a sprinkle of Malinois, boasts the sweetest personality. This little beauty warmly greets everyone and then happily indulges in a good snuggle. With an inquisitive nature, Mia is ready to embark on explorations, and the delightful facets of her personality. She is a sweet puppy!

She stands out for her intelligence, adventurous spirit, and her sheer enjoyment of various activities. Play, she is always ready to go on a new adventure, walking, hiking, chasing balls or just spending time with her human’s. Mia won the heart of her foster family and they could not resist keeping her!

Congratulations to Mia and your new family!!


This little 6 month old puppy is one of the sweetest pups we have met! He’s incredibly playful, inherently curious, and absolutely loves belly rubs.⁠ Felix is also a master bug catcher!

He is a sweet little puppy equipped with a strong nose, loves to sniff and go on sniff-aries. He has visited lots of places with his foster parents for socialization and everyone loves meeting this very sweet happy puppy! 

He struck gold with his new family! They really love this pup and he will enjoy a wonderfully loving life going on adventures and meeting new friends!

Congrats to you and your new family!!


Zena is a very sweet female who is about 2 years old. She is gentle and a soft-hearted puppy. She really enjoys being loved on and is calm and gentle when meeting new people. She was found with Zeus and they are good friends. Zena and Zeus were adopted together!

Zena enjoys car rides and playing with her toys. She is crate trained and does meet people well. Zena has joined a wonderful loving family who is very experienced with GSD’s. Lucky girl!

Unfortunately, Zena’s adopter unexpectedly passed away and we immediately stepped in and brought her back into the rescue. This sweet girl is adoptable.


This gorgeous young puppy is settled well into his foster home with his foster GSD siblings. Mason is  playful, confident and abundantly sweet he is! Puppy kisses, this boy readily gives them out! Mason is very intelligent and enjoys playing with his ball, tugs and chasing his foster brothers. He welcomes meeting new people and offers lots of kisses! He is a gorgeous GSD and will be a very handsome pup!

His adorable ears are still working on standing, we love puppy ears! Car rides? This little pup is a star! Mason is sure to brighten your day!

Congrats to you, your new family and GSD sister!


Zeus is an extremely handsome pup who is 2 years old. He is a confident male who is calm and patient. This pup was found with his partner Zena wandering. They are fortunate, they have been adopted together! They have an amazing loving family who are very GSD experienced!

Zeus is very intelligent, patient and loveable pup. He draws you in with his sultry eyes! This sweet boy is going to have a great life as he has a new brother too!

Unfortunately, Zeus’s adopter unexpectedly passed away and we immediately stepped in and brought him back into the rescue. This amazing boy is adoptable.


Skye is a gorgeous 5-month-old puppy with a heart full of love and paws ready to explore. Fun, he is all in! He is a very fun and happy puppy who enjoys meeting people and other pups. He’s a bundle of joy!

While he’s a sucker for those heartwarming cuddle sessions, he’s equally enthusiastic about playtime and training! He enjoys chasing his ball, hanging out with his foster parents and is getting to know his GSD foster brothers. He aced puppy class and is a very intelligent pup.

Skye has been adopted into a wonderful family who previously adopted with us. They have two other GSD’s and they all immediately became best friends! Congrats you very sweet boy!


This spectacular and very handsome boy was just adopted!! We are so happy for him as he has been adopted by an amazing family. Jett is a very gentle and calm pup who is partially blind or full, and he will be enjoying his life with his new family. His favorite toy is a stuffed squeaky toy and he enjoys playing in his pool. Jett is great on a leash, he nicely walks and welcomes meeting new people. He is adorable because he thinks he’s a lap dog when you get down on the floor with him.

He loves being with people. Jett is is quite proficient at learning his new commands! Congrats to this sweet pup and his new family! 


When rescues work together, it’s great for everyone! We had the dog, Northwest German Shepherds had an adopter looking for a pup to join their family. We thought they would be a perfect pair.
From the moment his new family laid eyes on him, they knew it was a perfect match. His sweet face and gentle spirit won their hearts over instantly.⁠ Ruger has been spending lots of time walking along the beach, swimming and playing with his new family. He is such a gentle and sweet pup.
We are so excited for you Ruger and can’t wait to hear of all the amazing adventures you embark on in your new life. Congratulations and welcome to the True North GSD Rescue adopted pack!


Sweet Etta hit the lottery! She was placed into a wonderful foster home with experienced loving handlers and two GSD foster brothers. They soon made the decision they wanted this little gem to be part of their family. We are so happy for everyone!

Etta is so full of life and loves playing with her toys (especially her lamb chomp and rainbow ball) and running around the yard with them! (She thinks she’s super duper fast.⚡️) She also enjoys hanging out with her foster brothers at the lake and walking with them.

She will undoubtedly have an amazing life with her new family!  Congratulations and welcome to the True North GSD Rescue adopted pack!


She found her forever home with an AMAZING family that was an instant bond from the second they met.
In her new home, Kleio loves playing “find” as well as swimming, walks to the local park, and of course, enjoying time with her mom. She has an active life now and she is the perfect pup for it!
She has a wonderful new family and an amazing mom who loves her so much!
Congratulations to this incredibly sweet girl and her fantastic second chance in life. We cannot wait to hear of all the adventures you embark on!


Athena is as sweet as they come. She is happy to greet everyone with a sniff and a few licks. This beautiful Sable German Shepherd just turned 1 year old and is an absolute love. Athena was well cared for by her previous family but due to life changes, they entrusted us to ensure she will forever be taken care of and happy.

She is happy whether relaxing with a chew bone with her humans, hiking or trying new sports, she is game! Athena found her new family that will show her a patience, fun and a loving life. She is one lucky girl!


Sara is a beautiful and gentle 3 year old German Shepherd who was looking for a forever home. No fault of her as her humans were moving and could not take her. She enjoys hanging out with her best friend, Kitty! She loves people, belly rubs, and of course, treats! Overall, she is as goofy as she is majestic. Sara enjoys running around in the back yard with her toys, snuggles on the couch, and helping out in the garden!

They contacted us and we were able to courtesy post her in an effort in finding the best new home for this very gentle and sweet pup. Within a couple of weeks, her pawrents identified the family and she is one lucky girl! We wish her the best!


When Gunner set paw into his foster home, he didn’t realize it would be the first step of a spectacular second start.
After his owner dropped him at a shelter, he lacked a family, was scared and wanted the feeling of ‘home’. Within days of being inside his Foster’s loving, caring, and safe environment, he blossomed into the pup he was always meant to be.
Gunner now spends his days playing tag with his older sister, Mabel, training with his new family, playing with his new blue ball and being the best boy possible. Congrats to Gunner and his wonderful furever family. We are so excited to hear about all the adventures you will embark on!


This 2 year old beauty is Onyx. Through our research, we found Onyx to be a high-quality AKC GSD from a well regarded, responsible breeder. We facilitated Onyx’s return to her breeder who welcomed her with open arms. She was recently adopted to an amazing family that already had a young male from Windridge K9!  We love breeders who take responsibility of their pups for their life.


Echo is a country girl, brought up on a farm, who was looking to start a new adventure in the big city. She struck gold! This beautiful, intelligent and gentle 12 month old puppy is absolutely gorgeous, and she is now living her best life with an amazing family. We do know she is a special girl who will be an amazing lifelong friend to her new family; she is the epitome of the breed.


This sweet, beautiful, and loving pup was found wandering a local neighborhood, abandoned by her owners. She found a lovely forever home where she gets to spend time with her wonderful new family, playing in the yard, going on walks, and of course, getting lots of snuggles.


We are incredibly excited to announce that Luna was adopted by a wonderful family and she loves her human siblings who she will have loads of fun with! She is certainly an incredible pup: extremely intelligent, loving, and well deserving of a fantastic home. We can’t wait to hear about all of her adventures and see her again when she’s all grown up!


Hey, that’s not a German Shepherd!⁠
⁠Meet Archer 🏹, he’s not a German Shepherd. He’s a husky, as you could’ve guessed, and he’s joined our rescue! This 14 week puppy settled in nicely.⁠ While we definitely specialize in GSDs, we never say no to a pup in need. He is such a sweet puppy who is calm, very loving and intelligent. He was adopted by the pawfect family, his fosters!


Asher is courageous, confident, and undoubtedly loving. He is one of the most curious and explorative pups we’ve ever had, and he loves to play!

Asher found his forever family and now loves to run around the yard with his brother, go on trips to Home Depot and the park, as well as just hang around the house!


Handsome, sweet, and endlessly loving, Hudson was undoubtedly a gift to our rescue. He is so gentle and king not only to every person he meets, but also to kids and other pups. He is incredibly intelligent yet soft-hearted, and has a very bright future ahead of him. We’re so glad he found his forever home and can’t wait to hear about the adventures he embarks on!


This adorable puppy is an absolute sweetheart with a kind soul and is incredibly gentle. Rollo is very inquisitive about his new world. He loves going on mini adventures in his foster’s backyard, romping in the snow and playing with his stuffed monkey. His new family includes two GSD brothers and a GSD sister. He will have a great life!


Originally found on the streets of Los Angeles at 6 months old, Gretta was saved by a rescue, endured a few surgeries and placed in a nice home. 

Unfortunately after a few years, her adopter passed and she came to us through their family. She is a survivor, keeping her absolute sweetness. Her willingness to persevere through hardship was unbelievable, Gretta welcomed us into her life. 

Now, she is living an incredibly happy life in her forever home, where she gets to play, swim, enjoy meeting people and of course, snuggle up with her humans every day. They love her so much! She is so gentle, sweet and undoubtedly deserves the world. We’re so glad to have saved her and we love receiving updates and pictures of this amazing pup.


Siggi came to us along with his brother, Cypress. He is soft-hearted, sweet and lovable all around. From the beginning, he is a fond cuddler and enjoys exploring the back yard as much as relaxing alongside you. Siggi found his forever home and will always be near and dear to our heart. We look forward to hearing of his adventures in the years to come!


Cypress is a happy-go-lucky puppy, always looking for new ways to experience the world around him and learn something new. He is always an incredibly sweet little boy who loves everyone. His favorite things to do were chase his foster brothers’ tails and explore new parts of the yard. Cypress found his home and we cannot wait to know what amazing things he does in his life!


Trooper was welcomed into our foster care when he was 11 months old. He was shy, timid and scared when we first got him, but within a month he had blossomed into an incredibly confident, strong and loyal companion. Trooper is one of our rescue’s foster failures, and he will definitely be a key member of our rescue family in years to come with his natural kindness for others and for other dogs.


When we accepted Casper as a surrender, we had no idea how amazing, sweet and kind he was going to be. He quickly came out of his shell, showing his true colors and incredibly goofy self. He definitely had a profound impact on our fosters and everyone else he met!

He now lives an incredibly happy and fulfilling life with an older brother. They became best friends almost immediately. We’re so excited for Casper and cannot wait to hear more of his adventures down the road!



Olivia was adopted by an amazing family who will love and care for her forever. We are very grateful for her forever family as she is one of the dogs that remain so sweet and loving despite what life has put them through.

Olivia reminds us that rescue is not just about taking dogs and finding homes; rescue is about doing the right thing, listening to your heart and uncovering forgotten stories to help shine a light on a happy soul. 


Theo was one of our rescue’s foster failures. He embodies the epitome of what German Shepherds are: smart, loyal and goofy. Every day he brings smiles to everyone’s faces that he encounters and sheds a little light on the world around him (and a little fur). He meets every day with confidence and positivity. He has a big heart, a bigger appetite and will be a role model for fosters to come.


Journey was our rescue’s first foster failure. Journey’s transformation from when he came to us has been nothing short of extraordinary. He is so playful, genuine and intelligent, only needing some guidance and a loving home. Journey loves all of the other fosters he gets to play with and is always excited to help with the rescue!


Stella will forever have a special place in our heart as a rescue. She’s had her trials and tribulations and is finally set to live a happy and fulfilling life in a loving home.

She has grown up before our very own eyes and filled into her sparky personality. Throughout puppyhood, she remains the same bold and adventurous pup she’s always been. We can’t wait to see her all grown up in her new home!


Aldo is an extremely sweet 8 year old whose family had to rehome. This pup is very gentle, well mannered and was looking for the perfect family. That family came into his life! He was adopted by a wonderful family and now has a brother whom he enjoys. This lucky pup will live his best life with his pawrent that is retired and spends time gardening, training and playing with him.

We are all very excited for Aldo!


Brodie is a 10 month old puppy who is incredibly sweet and kind. He is very happy to have a second shot at life with a loving and comforting foster home and he will have two foster brothers! He enjoys chasing after toys in the back yard and playing with the hose!

He is currently learning basic commands while settling in with his new foster family. Brodie was very excited to receive new toys and he especially loves his dinosaur. He is very well mannered, crate trained and is an all-around joy to have around the house!



June is 5 1/2 years old, and was breeding puppies. She is an absolute sweet heart and so intelligent, calm and such a beauty! Now enjoying retirement, she is incredibly gentle, kind and sweet and loves to be petted. She’s a survivor nonetheless and has a story to tell, but was looking for a safe and comfortable environment to call her forever home. June is an absolutely beautiful pure bred German Shepherd that is a perfect example of the breed.

June got the lucky ticket and was adopted by an amazing family who have other GSD’s who are equally as sweet. She will enjoy her new life exploring and sharing her time with her loving family and siblings. We are all so very happy for her!


Harper is an almost 2 years old female who was an owner surrender and looking for a safe place. We took her in and although she did not stay with us long before she went to her forever placement, we all fell in love with her. She is just amazing.

She is a beauty, loves her ball and found that she enjoys chewing bones and the stuffed toy ducks. She also received a spa day before she left which included a nice manicure and lots of treats! 

Partnerships & Reunifications 

Sometimes we are called upon by other rescues, families, pet organizations and anything in between to help in any way we can. We are proud to make an impact on other dogs lives that wouldn’t have otherwise found their to our rescue. We help these dogs in a variety of ways, including matching potential adopters/fosters, providing funding for medical care and other expenses, as well as arranging transport if needed to get them somewhere safe and comfortable. Here are some of the beautiful dogs we’ve helped:


We have developed several partnerships with local rescues and businesses since we started our rescue in 2018. We are extremely appreciative of those partnerships because they led us to Greta, searching for a family. We took her into our care through another rescue and finally found her a forever home!

*Greta went to the rainbow bridge November 2022 due to health issues. Our hearts go out to her wonderful adoptive family, they are heartbroken. We are very thankful this sweet, loving angel had such a great family, the family and love that she deserved. We also send thanks to her amazing foster, Denisse, who stuck with this girl to ensure she would be safe. Fly free sweet Greta.


Dieter was transported by us to the breeder who helped facilitate the adoption. He was a sweet pup who enjoyed being active. Dieter is one of the pups that we have the joy of helping through referrals and partnerships with reputable people and other organizations.


Nia is a young, beautiful, very distinctive female. She is super smart and loves to chase balls and play outside especially with other dogs! She also loves riding in the car.

We were alerted to Nia being sold on a social media site and we immediately rescued her. She really enjoys love and affection and playing with other dogs. We worked with another local rescue to place her into a wonderful permanent home where she is thriving and has a best friend. We feel so fortunate to receive yearly updates on her birthday, she is a special girl!


Aldo needed support with transport to his owner who was in the service and had to be relocated. We assisted with funding to reunite her and Aldo.